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Let Go of Busyness

By Tina Thrussell

There couldn’t be a better time than the winter months to look at this second tenet of the Shin Dao – Let Go of Your Busy-ness.

Why do I say that? Winter is the time of slowing right down, as nature shows us. The trees drop their leaves and quietly rest. Bears and other animals hibernate. The days are shorter, with less hours of daylight, offering us more hours of darkness in which to rest.

Sadly, our North America society has forgotten about living by the seasons, and letting nature provide our cues for how to be at certain times of the year. So many people feel they can’t possibly take time to rest, relax, and at the very least, move at a slower pace.  Yet it is absolutely necessary to slow down and rest in order to be at your peak energy when the time is right to begin planting the seeds for your future harvest.

Now, I am not saying that winter is the time to completely stop everything and hibernate like a bear, but it is a great time to sit down and let go of some of the doing-ness that is simply a way to keep you busy and feeling important for your busy-ness. 

Take more time to sit and contemplate life. Meditate a little longer. Plan a few less activities in each day. Journal more. Learn to enjoy your own company, without the distraction of electronics. Take time to simply BE.

Do this, and we’re certain you’ll experience more peace and calm in your life… and be more fully energized and ready to go come the spring, the time when nature tells us to jump back into action.

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