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Standing at a Crossroads

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I am very comfortable with my (our) decision for me to leave the government. I am feeling very calm about it! Okay, I am a lot excited about it if truth be told!

Whenever I tell people, I am retiring people generally ask. “So what are you going to do with your time now?” Which is a great question! I tell them, “I am going to write and coach. As I have three fiction books and one nonfiction in various stages of completion!” Writing to me is the easy part of the equation.

What I am at a crossroads in my life is what coaching vehicle (brand) do I coach under as we have two great brands! Best U Can B and the Shin Dao Institute… and the wild card, I have a brand as Neil Thrussell (The Write Way To a Fuller Life)

I love all of the BRANDS and there individual uniqueness. But…. We haven’t marketed them properly. So they are not as well know as they could be. So one holds no bigger reach than the other.

My decision to rebuild my coaching business, isn’t out of necessity from money. Rather my desire to help people. I feel that many people are stuck and living mundane or uninspired lives. I would like to change that. I want to help people live to there fullest potential!

What ever vehicle (Brand) I go with I will carry all three components with me! The philosophy of the Shin Dao, the playfulness of Best U Can B and the creativity of The Write Way To A Fuller Life. I need to focus my attention on one! Decisions, Decisions.. Decisions! 🙂 What will I ever do?

L. Neil Thrussell

I am a great guy that you need to hire so that I can do great things for you

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