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It’s a Blessing!

It’s easy to count our blessings when things are going our way… and a little more challenging when things aren’t going so well. Yet when we are in the space of true appreciation and gratitude for everything – just as it is – we can see that we are blessed beyond measure. In the video below, Tina shares how recognizing the blessing of our bodies, minds and hearts can amplify the joy in our lives.

This video is a live capture of a talk Tina delivered in April of 2018. She talked about the benefits of blessing and loving your body, mind, and heart (your spirit).

Perhaps this excerpt will entice you to listen to the whole talk, which includes a lovely short meditation:

Myrtle Fillmore, who I think of as the mother of the Unity Movement, was once a very sick woman, who healed her body by praising it, by being grateful for her body. I suspect she blessed her body every day, many times a day, and her body responded to this loving attention by healing and becoming healthy once again.

How often do you curse your body instead of bless it? How often do you complain about the way it’s functioning – or not functioning – instead of focusing on being grateful for the ways it IS functioning. When you think about even your worst days, not every single part of your body hurts in every moment, so bless and praise those parts that are feeling good, or even okay, and let your body know you’d like to experience more of that.

When you bless and praise your body, it will respond in ways that are pleasing to you.”

At the 9:00 minute mark of this video Tina shares a simple daily ritual for blessing and loving your body. Test it out!

May you reap the benefits of blessing your body, mind, and spirit!

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