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Embrace Healing Harmony: The Transformative Power of Shin Dao Energy Sessions

In the constant whirlwind of life, it’s easy to overlook the incredible healing potential residing within our own bodies.

As we get caught up in today’s go-go-go lifestyle, more wound up in the stress, we pull further and further away from robust health and vitality, often without even realizing it. Every little ache and pain we brush off as a ‘normal’ part of aging re-establishes our relationship with our bodies; a constant ache or pain becomes a ‘new normal’. Pushing through discomfort, we can eventually become plagued by various physical ailments and diseases that worsen when ignored.

It’s easy to forget that if we treat our body as temple, as the Shin Dao Philosophy teaches, this downward slide doesn’t have to happen. When we give the body the time and right environment to do so, the body will heal.

Consider the times you’ve experienced a cut or a broken bone. While medical tools like bandages or casts may have been applied to your injuries, ultimately, it’s your body that performs the healing.

But what about those aches, pains, and diseases? Can the body heal from these conditions, too? The answer is yes. Aches and pains are indicators that something needs addressing. When you address the ‘something’, then your innate capacity to heal begins to work its magic!

Imagine if you could tap into this innate capacity to heal and harmonize! This is where the Shin Dao Philosophy, guided by Tina’s expertise, comes into play. In her profound Shin Dao Energy Healing sessions, the perfect environment for self-healing is created. The ‘something’ that is the root cause of your discomfort can be addressed and released. You can walk away feeling calmer, more peaceful and relaxed… and in some cases… pain free!

“There is so much more to the healing sessions if you open yourself up to the possibilities! I can’t say enough to impress upon those wondering how real this is — unequivocally real! I can’t remember the last time I walked without pain. It has been a constant part of my life. I didn’t notice at first as I walked briskly down the hall and back again to my sanctuary, but as I sat down to talk more with Tina, it hit me – I had NO pain whatsoever in my back!!!!!! The house is brighter, lighter, and so am I! Thank you, Tina, for everything you gave and did!!!!!” -Mandy Allen

You may want to seize the opportunity to book a session now!

Understanding the Energetic Connection:

Recognizing that everything is energy, including thoughts and our physical bodies, is crucial. Each body part resonates at its own unique frequency, and disruptions caused by negative thoughts or external energies can lead to physical, mental, and emotional discomfort. A Shin Dao Energy Healing session with Tina involves intuitively ‘reading’ your energy frequencies and utilizing various tools to restore your natural resonance.

Your Body’s Remarkable Healing Capacity:

Tina, in the role of an ‘Energy Shifter,’ accesses the tools to facilitate your body’s innate healing ability. This involves establishing a state of deep relaxation and then delving into the root emotional, spiritual, or mental causes of ailments (without having to talk about and ‘rehash’ the root causes), and clearing the energy to pave the way for physical healing.

The Transformative Power of Sound and Light Energies:

Scientifically proven to influence us at profound levels, sound is a key element in Shin Dao Energy Healing sessions. Tina incorporates an array of sound tools, including tuning forks, singing bowls, drumming, songpod, birdsong, and voice, to enhance your session. Light energies, harnessed with the assistance of beings aligned with the Source of All (SoA), such as angels and guides, contribute to the overall healing process.

A Personalized Journey of Healing:

Each Shin Dao Energy Healing session is a unique and guided experience. You might be asked to lie back and relax or stand and perform specific movements. Crystals may be introduced to amplify energies. Affirming statements, coupled with intentional breathing, may be integrated. Sensations like tingling, visions, colours, or a profound sense of warmth and relaxation may accompany your session.

The Aftermath: A Renewed Sense of Self

After a Shin Dao Energy Healing (Heart Way) session with Tina, you’ll likely experience:

  1. Relaxation and Nurturance: Fostering a deep sense of relaxation, nurturing both body and mind.
  2. Calm and Peaceful Release: Releasing low vibrational emotions like grief, anger, and resentment, resulting in an overwhelming sense of calm and peace.
  3. Balanced and Grounded State: Achieving equilibrium and grounding, aligning your physical and spiritual energies.
  4. Relief from Pain: Through the release of blockages, finding relief from physical discomfort and pain.


The journey to holistic well-being awaits you through the transformative power of Shin Dao Energy Healing sessions with Tina. Book your session now and embark on a unique, guided experience of healing and harmony. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you for embracing the therapeutic embrace of the Shin Dao Philosophy (which illustrates how opening your heart and uplifting your spirit will increase energy flow and promote healing).

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