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3 Simple Steps to Shift from ‘Down’ to Happy

Words of hope for those facing emotional challenges at this time of year…

I (Tina Thrussell) offer you understanding, knowing that you cannot help the fact that you landed here in this funk or depression. From a place of love and concern, I also offer you the knowledge that you CAN lift yourself out of this dark place. HOW?
Here is a simple fact: How you feel in any given moment is based on three things: what you’re doing with your body, what you’re thinking, and what you’re saying.

The ‘bad news’ about this – if you are sitting around feeling lethargic, thinking about what’s missing in your life, and telling everyone how down you are, you are actually perpetuating your funk or depression.

The ‘good news’ is – if you get your body moving (Dance is the best! Dance combines the many benefits of moving your body with the uplifting nature of music), start thinking about all you have to be grateful for, and tell everyone about your blessings, you will actually shift how you are feeling, inviting more joy into your life.

Yes, this is truth! By shifting what you do with your body, what you think, and say you CAN shift your emotions. Please, show yourself the love and care you deserve by concentrating on this shift.

I invite you to share thisImage of dance post with as many people as you can, intending to raise the vibration of those who are suffering to make the world a happier place.

p.s. It is my personal mission to spread more joy in the world, which is why I am sharing this proven technique for changing how you feel. This mission to spread joy is also why I published 7 Secrets for Living a More Joyful, Fullfilling Life.  I invite you to download this complimentary guidebook/video package at and help me make the world a more joyful place!

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