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Change and Transformation

I came across the writing below in an old copy of a ‘Daily Word’ publication and it spoke to me, so I am sharing it here with you. It is written in the first person, from the “I” perspective, so that as you read it, you can embody this message for yourself. May it serve you as it served me.

“In “Meditation, A Way of Life”, Julien Boucard writes, “Nothing is stable, nothing is static, everything is moving, everything is transforming and from one moment to another we are the spectators of our world’s renewal, of a new universe.”

Rather than considering change as a fear of the unknown, I consider it an opportunity to transform the way that I think, feel and act. I shift into new ways of being by shifting my perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs about myself and my world.

Thought by thought, I can change my outlook and my attitude, regardless of what is happening in my life or around me. I always have the power to change. Every moment is an opportunity for transformation.”

Change and transformation really do happen one thought at a time.  Every time I catch a negative or limiting thought and then reframe that thought, I applaud myself for catching it and express gratitude for becoming more aware. Every time I catch a thought that brings up a sense of fear, I ask myself, “How I can view this situation with curiosity and apply creativity instead of limiting myself with fear?”

Transforming the way we think and feel is forming a new habit, which doesn’t have to be hard. (“It’s hard” is a limiting thought in itself that can be changed, should we choose to!). Instead, we could choose to consider it fun to be vigilant and persistent, and to look forward to the payoff—which I believe is living with more ease, grace, and joy.

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