Author: Tina Thrussell

The SOLUTION every Stuck Professional needs

Invitation to Share Joy

Help spread more joy in the world! 365 – 1 Minute of Joy Videos this year… watch and find out how you can be part of the excitement! Then share this video with everyone you know! (Subscribe – it’s FREE! – to more moments of of joy on our You Tube channel, Shin Dao Institute.)…
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5 January 2017 0

Women are facing huge transitions today.

Many, if not most, women are facing huge transitions today – empty nesting (children leaving home), separation, divorce, career change. If you are experiencing any of these types of major changes in your life, you may be left feeling lost, distressed, overwhelmed and confused. Transitions like these can leave you longing to know who you…
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3 January 2017 0

3 Simple Steps to Shift from ‘Down’ to Happy

Words of hope for those facing emotional challenges at this time of year… I (Tina Thrussell) offer you understanding, knowing that you cannot help the fact that you landed here in this funk or depression. From a place of love and concern, I also offer you the knowledge that you CAN lift yourself out of…
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11 December 2016 0